Repeater Status: On Air
CTCSS: 82.5 Hz
Rpt Tx: 145.6875 MHz
Rpt Rx: 145.0875 MHz
(-0.600 MHz split)

GB3XP is free for anyone to use at any time.

Normal repeater etiquette applies.

C4FM/System Fusion

GB3XP is now Fusion capable!

Please note there are no trail beeps when you de-key.

You will still need to be set to 'narrow' FM as with all 2m FM repeaters.

Please note:

We would like to remind all our users that GB3XP is a 12.5kHz bandwidth repeater. Many users are regularly accessing XP with deviation that is far too wide. Not only does this produce very distorted audio through XP but could potentially cause interference on the input frequencies of our neighbours GB3KN, GB3VA, GB3RD & GB3ES.

For the best user experience (and probably more replies to your calls!) please set your deviation to 'Narrow' (2.5kHz) when using GB3XP.

About GB3XP

The idea of a 2 metre repeater for Sutton came about over a few evenings at Sutton and Cheam Radio Society's weekly Monday meetup.

Eventually it came to a coin toss who would be the repeater keeper and hold the NoV for the team. Neil M0ZEY won and is our repeater keeper.

The repeater is a Nokia BSR-150.

SCRS repeater page page

Repeater feedback

We'd love to know what you think of the repeater and signal reports would be most welcome.

Contact details are on SCRS website,

You can contact this site's admin at (only for website queries).

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